Anavar also known by its chemical name Oxandrolone is one of the synthetic anabolic steroids that are derived from dihydrotestosterone. This is one of the steroids with a mild nature. It is important to know this before you buy Anavar. It has anabolic and a mild androgenic action. This makes it possible for use in women as well.

Despite its mild nature, Anavar is 6 times more potent as an anabolic steroid when compared to Testosterone. This does not however make Anavar have more muscle building abilities than Testosterone. It is therefore more commonly used as a cutting agent. It is consequently more useful as athletic enhancer.

Anavar for sale is available in an oral formulation. Once digested, it is absorbed into the circulation and increases the levels of nitrogen in the muscles. This increases protein synthesis. This leads to increased anabolic activity in the muscles while reducing catabolism. As a result there is reduced muscle breakdown. There is also inhibition of glucocorticoid hormones. Glucocorticoid hormones are responsible for increasing catabolism in the body. By inhibiting them, Anavar reduces muscle breakdown for energy.

Another important characteristic of Anavar pills is its ability to reduce the levels of sex hormone binding globulin, SHBG. Under normal circumstances, SHBG acts as a scavenger, which binds to extra circulating Testosterone. This reduces the amount of testosterone that is available to bind to androgen receptors. Anavar therefore increases the free testosterone that is available for binding and activating the androgen receptors.

When you buy Anavar, be sure that you will be benefiting from its direct action on fat. Anavar UK is one of the few steroids that directly stimulate lipolysis. This is fat metabolism, which is part of the reason why Anavar is highly sought after for using the cutting cycle. The basis of a cutting cycle is to use a product that leads to fat metabolism while maintaining the muscle bulk that has been accrued.

To add on to the fat burning action, Anavar reduces the levels of thyroid binding globulin. This leads to increased levels of the Thyroid hormone in blood. Thyroid hormone is a well known thermogenesis stimulant. It increases the energy levels in the body by breaking fat deposits down.  This is a synergistic action giving a hard and leaner look.

It is preferred for athletic enhancement because it does not offer the crazy muscle bulking. It however leads to increased speed and more endurance. This is because like other steroids, Anavar increases red cell production which makes oxygen delivery to the muscles better.

Anavar does not undergo aromatization to Estrogen once absorbed. As a result there is no water retention associated with the use of Anavar. This makes Anavar one of the best steroids to use during a cutting season.

Despite the mild and safe nature of Anavar, it is not without adverse side effects. However, this can be avoided by using Anavar in the right dosage and duration. There are Anavar cycles online as well as stacking options that give great tips for getting the most benefits out of Anavar and the least adverse effects.