Did you know that working out with your partner can spice up your relationship? Exercise not only helps improve your physical health but can improve the health of your relationship as well. If you haven’t been working out with your significant other, here are five reasons to start doing so now.

1. Friendly competition can ignite a fire.

Working out by yourself can get monotonous—when you do the same exercise over and over, you can get bored and less enthusiastic about working out. Or, you can fall into a too-comfortable routine and forget to challenge yourself. A little friendly competition with your partner can re-ignite that internal fire, which can get you motivated again and carry over into your romantic life. The next time you go running with your partner, try ending with a sprint with the person finishing last getting a head start on the next one. It will add a bit of fun, and you may even burn a few extra calories.

2. It’s an opportunity to share your passions.

It may seem counterintuitive, but even if you and your passions for sports don’t match, doing them together is a great opportunity to build your relationship. For instance, they may be into golf while you find it tedious, or you may love swimming while they would much rather be playing golf on dry land. Think of a shared round of golf or swimming a few laps together as an opportunity to share something important to the other while you exercise. It may require a bit of compromise from each of you, but your relationship will change once you introduce each other to your sports. You’ll probably find that compromising is actually a bonding experience — and you’ll both get a bit more physical activity.

3 It can help you stay on track.

Many people start with good intentions but give up somewhere on their journey to physical fitness. You might have even noticed that the gym is packed in January when everyone resolves to get in shape, but it’s back to normal by March. One of the most difficult things about the journey to fitness is being consistent and sticking with your daily routine – you either get bored or busy with other things until you realize you haven’t been to the gym in months. Committing to exercise together can help both of you stay on track. Consider yourselves a team and motivate each other get to the gym, take that bike ride or go for a run.