The Relationship Between Steroids And Bodybuilding

Competitive bodybuilding and anabolic steroids have been related ever since the beginning. The first steroid was invented in the late 1950s. Since then, many different versions have been developed. They each have different effects both positive and negative. Sure, steroids are used by athletes in every sport, but they are used more widely in bodybuilding than any other competition.

Steroids are used by just about every bodybuilder, both legally and illegally because of the effects of the drugs. Every positive effect that they have seems to be specifically tailored to the sport of bodybuilding. They are known to cut fat, increase bulk, and increase endurance.

Not only are steroids widely used by the sport, they are what helped the sport become so popular. Bodybuilding’s “Golden Age” was in the late 1960s. The growth of the sport was really brought on by Austrian star Arnold Schwarzenegger, who later went on to become and action movie star and the governor of California.

Arnold helped bring the sport that was mostly populated by Eastern Europeans to America. This is widely chronicled in a documentary about his battle with American bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno. He has admitted to using steroids to help build his physique. Although they were legal at the time he was using them.

Buy Steroids UKIt is no coincidence that the invention of best steroids coincides almost perfectly with the rise in popularity of the sport. Bodybuilding got popular when the bodies got bigger than ever. This makes sense as that is what is most entertaining. Before steroids, there wasn’t much difference between the best bodies in the world and an average athlete. Today, bodybuilders are absolutely massive thanks to the availability of uk steroids and other supplements.

In modern times, bodies have gotten even more massive. For instance, look at a picture of an average bodybuilder today and compare it with a world champion of 50 years ago. The modern athlete is much bigger. They have access to steroids and training science that others don’t. The results are more apparent than ever.

The drugs still exist in the sport today. It is much harder to get away with, though. Athletes will go through just about anything to fly under that radar while using. There are countless products and other drugs that can mask it during a drug test. Bodybuilders are tested almost constantly today during competition. It seems that the athletes are almost always one step ahead of the scientists when it comes to hiding the drugs in their system. It will be interesting to see where the relationship between steroids and bodybuilding goes in the future.